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Bathtub and tile reglazing - same day service
Free estimate , 6 years warranty ,

price $280 - $380 -
non slip surface extra

Phone:    917-499-1583

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Reglazing Bathroom remodeling Refinishing Sinks We make best quality reglazing ! porcelain refinishing bathroom renovation showers resurfacing tile coating reglaze Ask special discount for online customers. Our price : $280-$380
bathtub reglazing Reglazing NY, NJ , Connecticut

New York Service New Jersey Service same day, Connecticut, Philadelphia - pls, call and ask Grout and tiles vapor steam cleaning

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new jersey NY , Connecticut | Call us - 917-499-1583

Why replace that old bathtub or tile just because their color is outdated or the surface is worn out?

At a fraction of replacement cost, we can make them look like new again, IN ANY COLOR!!

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refinishing antique bathtubs
. shower stall - refinishing on ceramic tile as well as plastic surfaces. .
kitchen appliances - change the color that is not manufactured to match their kitchen interior . bathroom and kitchen sink reglazing renovation . Restoring the kitchen sink when customers have retro or vintage sinks with their unique design . pedestal sink reglazing . color refreshing and renovation| jacuzzi bath-tub metal surface and plastic reglazing and renovation . Ceramic tile reglazing and renovation. After this is done you will not have to worry about mold anymore. Floor ceramic tile reglazing and renovation - can be completed at the same time with the whole bathroom refinish. .


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Discount price for bath tub reglazing . Special prices in NYC three state area BATHTUBREGLAZINGNYC.COM You have a choice - Same Day BATHtub and Tile reglazing. 6 Years Warranty ! New York, Brooklyn , Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island , Grout , tiles, vapor steam cleaning. cost cast iron bathtub , shower, regrouting . fix , fixing reglazing a bathtub

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